North Wessex Downs Annual Review 2019/2020

Dear Parish Clerk,

 Attached is the North Wessex Downs AONB Annual Report for 2019/20. Please circulate this as widely as possible, perhaps making it available at your next parish council meeting?

It captures many of the activities and achievements of what was, in a number of respects, a very significant year both for the North Wessex Downs and the country’s protected landscapes. 

The closing weeks of 2019/20 were dominated by the increasing impact of Covid-19 and the lock-down that has had such an extraordinary impact on all our lives. I am pleased to report that while a number of plans have had to be altered, such as the cancellation of the annual Walking Festival, many activities have continued, with the Unit’s team working remotely and meetings held virtually. 

Please note our virtual Annual Forum will be held on Friday 6 November. Full details will follow in due course and I look forward to welcoming you, remotely. You can find more information about our work at


Chairman, Council of Partners